About Us

Accomplish, LLC is owned and operated by Michele Poff, PhD. Michele is a social scientist, having received her PhD in communication from University of Washington. UW was ranked the 16th-best university in the world and the 3rd-best public university in the U.S. at the time of Michele’s studies. Her research and academic writing skills are top-notch as a direct result of her high quality doctoral training. Michele earned her BA from University of California at Berkeley with a concentration in English, and her MA in Applied Linguistics from Portland State University in Oregon. Michele taught undergraduates in the communication department at University of Washington for 5 years during her doctoral studies, and English language and communication to university and corporate learners for 15 years. She has taught at several universities including University of Washington, Portland State University, Marylhurst University (Oregon), and University of Calabria (Italy).

Michele’s intellectual interests vary widely and she took the opportunity to explore multiple language-related streams during her education. As a result, she has developed expertise in many areas. These include: argumentation and persuasion; rhetoric and composition; linguistics, language usage and English language; mass media, visual communication, political communication and environmental communication; interpersonal relationships and group communication.

In addition to the services offered here, Michele develops communication courses for private distribution. These are currently available to the general public. Current courses include Assertiveness TrainingRelationship Communication, Maximum Confidence, Freelancing, and a course on creating impactful Landing Pages. She has also written two ebooks: one entitled Social Intelligence in 10 Quick Steps! and the other a survivor’s guide to Navigating Grad SchoolBoth are available on Amazon kindle.

Michele’s primary goal with Accomplish, LLC is to provide top quality intellectual services outside of the academy. She is honored to assist those within the academy in completing their work and advancing their careers. Additionally, she is honored to provide university-level training and expertise to anyone who wants or needs it.

Our team of consultants and coaches consists of a network of highly talented and very skilled individuals, all with advanced degrees in various fields. Michele calls on them for collaboration and support whenever a project would benefit from expanded expertise.