Copyediting, Ghostwriting, Proofreading: Fiction and Nonfiction

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Expertise in composition, argumentation, literature, and English grammar, serving writers in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, and around the globe.  Excellent, professional copy-editors, ghostwriters, and proofreaders for any type of written material. We will ensure your work adheres to standards of good composition and is clear, solid, and error free. We will polish it for you and help you make your work publication-ready. Call or email today for a free estimate!


Providing writing and editing support for written materials of all types. Improving composition, language use, clarity, and presentation for writers in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, and around the globe. Nonfiction, fiction; books, articles, blogs, and everything else.


As an extension of editing services, also offering ghostwriting services. Primarily applicable when a manuscript is nearly complete and needs some fleshing out. Email or call today for more information and to see if we can help you with your manuscript.

Note: As academics, we adhere to and are bound by responsibilities of academic integrity. We never ghostwrite academic materials submitted for credit in a degree-earning program.


Experts in the English language. Highly knowledgeable about proper English and an eagle’s eye for catching language errors. Extensive experience teaching English language and composition.

We proofread any and all materials in English.

Important: We respect the author’s style and tone. When the document needs to be in flawless English, we deliver. But when the writing needs to reflect a more casual tone and breaks some prescriptive rules of the language, we retain the style and ensure the author’s desired effect comes across. Whether you are in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, or anywhere else on the globe, call on us today for all of your proofreading needs!